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A Gastronomic Journey through the Heart of Piedmont: Characteristic Dishes Not to Be Missed

Here are the typical dishes not to be missed during your stay in Turin.

A triumph of tastes that will surely enhance your holiday🤤.

Welcome to the gastronomic heart of Piedmont! Turin, a city rich in history and culture, is also a paradise for lovers of good food.

In this culinary journey, we will explore the 10 signature dishes that make Turin's gastronomic scene unique. Get ready to delight in authentic flavours and culinary traditions handed down from generation to generation.

A selection of meat and vegetables fried in a crispy batter, fritto misto alla piemontese is a real treat. From sweetbreads to courgettes, each bite is a surprise of flavours and textures.

Originating in Turin, grissini are crispy, thin bread sticks that perfectly accompany local cheeses and cured meats. A crunchy delicacy that goes well with any appetiser.

A dish for garlic lovers! Bagna cauda is a sauce made from anchovies, garlic and olive oil, served hot. Seasonal vegetables are dipped in this delicious sauce, creating a unique experience.

I advise you to open the windows and not to be with other people for a couple of days because of the large amount of garlic present😂😷

This iconic drink from Turin is an irresistible combination of chocolate, coffee and whipped cream. Perfect for a sweet break in the afternoon or as a delicious conclusion to a meal.

An autumn delicacy, pumpkin fritters are small, sweet omelettes, often eaten during the festive season. The pumpkin provides a touch of sweetness and soft texture.

This dish is a celebration of high-quality meat. Raw beef fillet is sliced with a knife and seasoned with olive oil, lemon and Parmesan cheese, creating an extraordinary taste experience.

A classic Piedmontese appetiser, vitello tonnato is a symphony of flavours consisting of thin slices of veal, dipped in a creamy tuna and caper sauce. Fresh, light and perfect to start your gastronomic journey.

A fresh pasta, similar to tagliatelle, but made special by the presence of white or black truffles. This delicacy is a perfect example of how Piedmont celebrates high quality ingredients in a simple but delicious way.

A local variation of Piedmontese agnolotti, these stuffed ravioli are often served with a rich roast meat sauce. A dish that captures the essence of traditional Turin cuisine.

A local variation of agnolotti, these stuffed ravioli are called 'del Plin' because of the small pinch used to close them. Served with butter and sage, they are an authentic delicacy.

Cheese is a must in Turin cuisine, and toma Piemontese is one of the best. Tasty and creamy, it pairs perfectly with local cured meats or as an end to a meal with a glass of red wine.

A delicious sausage, often grilled or stewed with red wine. Bra sausage is a pleasure for the palate and represents the mastery of meat artisans in the area.

Excellent eaten raw on a warmed bread crouton.

A classic winter dish, bollito misto is a selection of boiled meat served with sauces such as bagnet verde or fruit mostarda. A feast of flavours that warms the soul on cold Turin days.

Risotto al Barolo is a dish that embodies the perfection of simplicity. Prepared with the region's famous red wine, this risotto is creamy and rich, a true hymn to local produce.

We end the meal with dessert and in the Piedmontese style, bonet is a chocolate and amaretti cake, dipped in a delicious caramel sauce. A sweet and satisfying finale.

We finish with an iconic Turin dessert, the Pinguino. This delight consists of two cocoa biscuits filled with chocolate cream and covered in dark chocolate. An unmissable sin of gluttony.

Turin is a city that delights all the senses and its cuisine is a testament to centuries of passion and tradition. We hope this list of typical dishes inspires you to explore authentic Turin cuisine and savour every morsel of its culinary goodness. Bon voyage and bon appetit!

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