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Discover the Best Trattorias in Turin: A Guide to 10 Must-See Gastronomic Destinations!

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

If, like me, when you are travelling you are always looking for non-tourist restaurants that are typical of the place, where you can eat a lot and at a good price... well, you are on the right article.

First of all, you should know that in Turin, trattorias are called "Piole"!

Explore Turin's Gastronomic Soul: The 10 Piolas Not to Be Missed!

In Turin, there is a magic word that resonates in the hearts of the inhabitants: 'piola'. While the term might seem a mystery in the rest of Italy, in the Savoy city it is a key to accessing a world of authentic flavours and conviviality. The 'piole', similar to the osterias and trattorias of other regions, are here the hub of the Piedmontese and Turin gastronomic experience, offering local delicacies at surprisingly low prices.

In these culinary oases, tradition comes alive. Run mostly by families, the piole exude a cosy and authentic atmosphere, where good food and local wine are the undisputed protagonists.

A Destination for All

The beauty of the piole lies in their ability to accommodate a varied clientele. From university students to retired seniors, from families to young couples, everyone gathers around a glass of wine and a typical dish, enjoying a real feast for the palate at an affordable price.

A dive into Turin's past

In the past, piole were widespread in every corner of the city, but even today you can savour the authenticity of these gastronomic gems. I have selected for you the 10 best piole in Turin, places where time seems to stand still and where you can savour the genuine flavours of local culinary traditions.

Discovering Turin's Delicacies

Having explored the 15 unmissable specialities to taste in Turin, it is now time to head for the piole and let yourself be conquered by the dishes of Savoy tradition.

Our list will take you on a culinary journey through authentic flavours, succulent dishes and an atmosphere that will make you feel like part of the Turin community.

Are you ready to explore the best that Turin has to offer? Choose one of our 10 recommended piole and get ready for an unforgettable gastronomic experience. The taste of Turin awaits you!

Cianci Piola Caffè, located at Largo IV Marzo 9/b, is synonymous with the authentic Piola experience. Although small in size, this venue makes the most of every millimetre of its space, offering no more than about fifteen seats inside. However, the true fortune of the place is to be found in the large outdoor area, an oasis that delights customers in both summer and winter.

During the summer season, Cianci exudes a holiday atmosphere, enriched by the comfort offered, the music of the ringers in the square and the cosy bars serving aperitifs. The frigid temperatures of winter are easily overcome thanks to the stoves strategically placed throughout.

Cianci's philosophy is all about the piola: the wines are served loose in pitchers, strictly from Piedmont, and the dishes maintain prices that seem to belong to a bygone era, offering generous portions. From the classic Russian salad to the delicious vitello tonnato and the irresistible agnolotti, every choice is a winner.

Reserving a table at Cianci's is not expected, and as a result, a long queue of patrons forms every evening eager to enjoy this authentic culinary experience. However, patience is rewarded: take your time, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Largo IV Marzo and it will definitely be worth it.

📌Largo IV Marzo, 9/b, 10122 Torino TO

☎ +393533426322

Located in the picturesque area of San Paolo, this characteristic restaurant, which is advisable to book, stands out for offering authentic delicacies of the Turin and Piedmontese tradition. Like an authentic piola, it offers a wide range of typical dishes with a genuine flavour. The gastronomic experience begins with refined appetisers and reaches its climax with specialities such as bagna cauda, polenta, ravioli and tajarin. The variety of flavours embraces the culinary richness of the region. The sweet finale is an elevation of the senses with the classic bunet, which satisfies the taste buds with its decadent goodness. With its cosy ambience and cuisine steeped in tradition, this restaurant is a must for anyone wishing to savour authentic Piedmont and Turin cuisine.

📌Via Cenischia, 9, 10139 Torino TO

☎+39 011 385 4347

On the outskirts of Turin, a trattoria emerges that delights with authentic traditional Piedmontese flavours, offering a no-frills dining experience at affordable prices. The cuisine is characterised by generous dishes prepared with quality raw materials, offering an authentic taste of the true Piedmontese trattoria. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, this gastronomic gem creates an authentic atmosphere, transporting guests back in time. Reasonable prices allow everyone to savour the pleasures of local cuisine without compromising on quality. A culinary refuge that embraces tradition and offers an authentic immersion in Piedmontese flavours without excess.

📌Str. del Pascolo, 61, 10156 Torino TO

☎ +390112732370

A small but cosy restaurant, in the style of the old piola piemontese, welcomes you with fine wines and dishes at irresistible prices. Its sandwiches are authentic delicacies, with variations including cooked salami, veal in tuna sauce and green tongue, capturing the authentic taste of tradition. A gastronomic experience that not only satisfies the palate, but also offers a dip into the atmosphere of the Turin of yesteryear. This haunt, with its intimate and authentic ambience, is an ideal culinary refuge for those who wish to experience the essence of Piedmontese cuisine in a convivial and affordable setting.

📌Via Porta Palatina, 9/g, 10122 Torino TO

☎ +390117650477

Nothing is more evocative than an authentic lunch in a traditional Turin osteria after a stroll through the stalls of the Balon or a visit to the bustling Porta Palazzo market. Personally, I think the experience offered by Trattoria Valenza is unsurpassed, as evidenced by the constant influx of patrons.

In an atmosphere steeped in 'old fashion', an expression used in these lands, with cupboards and counters that tell of bygone eras, one finds oneself immersed in the culinary art of Piedmont. The managers, with their mock roughness, welcome guests, and the elderly and lively head of the family entertains patrons in the dining room.

Excellent dishes include pasta and beans, tripe stew and bollito misto, culminating with the sweet conclusion represented by the house coffee. But this is no mere espresso: it is a ritual that underlines the authentic essence of a traditional meal. Here, every mouthful is a discovery and every sip of coffee is a moment of genuine pleasure, making Trattoria Valenza an unmissable stop for anyone wishing to fully savour the culinary soul of Turin.

📌Via Borgo Dora, 39, 10152 Torino TO

☎+39 0115213914

Bar Coco in Turin perfectly embodies the spirit of the piola. Although it offers occasional dinners, its essence is that of a typical bar where one enjoys a good glass of red wine, plays tresette and reads the newspaper. The walls covered with postcards and the 1960s-style décor with wooden tables and assorted chairs create a cosy atmosphere. The dishes at Bar Coco are not only delicious but also plentiful, such as the milanese with a surface area as big as Oiemonte for only 10 euro, or the plate of famous toma cheese and pistachios enough to satiate you for the whole week for only 8 euro.

📌Via Bernardino Galliari, 28, 10125 Torino TO

☎ +39011 193 23 918

The 'bergé' in dialect represents the isolated shepherd in the mountains, renowned for producing excellent cheese. Every lover of the Alps boasts of knowing a bergé of unequalled skill, whose return home at the end of summer is celebrated with treasures of fine cheese. The piola offers quality bulk wine, accompanied by irresistible appetisers that prompt you to order without thinking about the consequences. Filippo and Cinzia, who are not from Turin but live in the Susa Valley, bring authentic tome from the valley, showing a sincere attention to ingredients. Their passion in serving customers in the neighbourhood shines through, making the ambience one of the liveliest, despite the sometimes gloomy evenings and the apparently desolate neighbourhood. The Taverna del Bergé, in my opinion, is definitely worth a visit.

📌Via Don Bosco, 10 C, 10144 Torino TO

☎ +393274559492

Le Ramine, now hailed as a new classic, stands as a cosy modern osteria with a history spanning more than a decade, located on a quiet street in Borgo San Paolo. The atmosphere of the L-shaped room is characterised by brick, wood and checked tablecloths, while the walls are adorned with numerous ramine, the traditional copper pots.

The owner, Egidio Lazzarin, brings to the table a traditional cuisine that skilfully combines quality products and aromas that evoke the valleys from which it comes. Thyme, seirass, trout, meats, mushrooms and other prime ingredients come together in delicious dishes. To start with, we recommend a battuta di Fassone with robiola contadina or veal tongue (14 €), served with brusche vegetables and green caper sauce.

Among the culinary highlights are the tagliolini with chicken and liver ragout (€10) and the risotto with Carmagnola rabbit with a coffee aroma. The culmination of the gastronomic experience is the peach and chocolate tart with amaretto ice cream, accompanied by the ever-present zabaglione. The Ramine embodies the fascinating combination of tradition and modernity, offering a culinary experience that captivates the senses.

📌Via Isonzo, 64, 10141 Torino TO

☎ +390113804067

The osteria, successfully opened by the three partners in July 2022, embodies a philosophy centred on living well and always feeling at home. Despite its young age, the spacious and charming restaurant retains the imprint of Turin's traditional piole, impressing anyone who enters for the first time.

Piedmont dominates the ambience, from 12 noon to 9 p.m., permeating food, wine, aromas and flavours. On the menu curated by Elisabetta Desana, former cook at Scannabue, the veal battuta with crispy vegetables, potato friciulin, quail egg in carpione, and fried snails with mayonnaise stand out.

The bold choice of wines emphasises lesser-known local varieties, such as Croatina and Slarina instead of Barbera and Nebbiolo. The prices, with starters, first and second courses ranging from 5 to 10 euro and the possibility of half portions, ensure an affordable experience, with a sandwich for only 5 euro and a total expenditure generally within 20/25 euro.

📌Via Oddino Morgari, 16, 10125 Torino TO

☎ 0112644254

This place, suspended in an atmosphere of yesteryear, exudes the essence of an old Piola, enriched with a touch of class. Situated slightly outside the hustle and bustle of the city centre, on the other side of the Po at the foot of the Turin hill, it welcomes visitors to its dehor, part of a mutual aid cooperative that evokes the bowling and after-work clubs. Once you cross the threshold, you are immersed in an atmosphere where time seems to stand still, with traditional Piedmontese cuisine and an emphasis on zero-kilometre products. Absolutely a must try for those who want to spend an evening with friends savouring excellent food.

📌Via Francesco Lanfranchi, 28, 10131 Torino TO

☎ +390118190672

All that remains for me to do at this point is to wish you "Bun aptit!"

I am sure that the food and wine delights of my region will make their way into your heart and especially palate!


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