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Egyptian Museum in Turin, hours, tickets,how to get there and when to visit.

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Are you considering a trip to Turin and don't know which dates to choose?

I recommend then your birthday!🎁

In fact, by choosing this date you will have free access to the oldest museum, worldwide, entirely dedicated to the Egyptian civilization.Considered, in terms of value and quantity of artifacts, the most important in the world after the one in Cairo.🧐

The world's oldest museum on Nilotic civilization.

Let's find out together why.

The Museo Egizio di Torino has a long and fascinating history that began in 1824, when King Charles Felix of Savoy purchased a collection of Egyptian artifacts consisting of more than 5,000 pieces. From then on, the museum has continued to expand and be enriched with new exhibits through excavations and expeditions to Egypt.

Over the decades, the Egyptian Museum of Turin has become one of the most important museums in the world dedicated to ancient Egypt, with a collection of more than 30,000 pieces that tell the story and culture of this millennia-old civilization.

The museum has also played a key role in the development of archaeological research in Egypt, thanks to the expeditions led by its directors, including Ernesto Schiaparelli and Giulio Farina.

In recent years, the museum has undergone major restoration and expansion works, which have made the Egyptian artifacts even more usable and accessible to the public.

The Egyptian Museum of Turin is now housed in the Palace of the Academy of Sciences, the imposing 17th-century building whose construction began in 1679 by architect Michelangelo Garove on the original design by Guarino Guarini.

Today, the Egyptian Museum of Turin is a place of great fascination and an important reference point for enthusiasts of ancient Egypt and human history.

But what do we find inside the Egyptian Museum?

Upon entering the museum you will be catapulted into the past.

The museum displays numerous artifacts, including statues, sarcophagi, grave goods, mummies, papyri, amulets, and jewelry. Among the most notable exhibits are:

  • The Rock Temple of Ellessija, commissioned by Pharaoh Thutmose III, donated by Egypt to Italy and saved by the Egyptian Museum in Turin in 1965 from being submerged by the waters of Lake Nasser. The temple was later donated by the Italian state to the museum..

  • The sculptures of the goddesses Isis and Sekhmet and that of Rameses II.

  • The Gold Mines Papyrus, a map illustrating the mines in the northeastern area of Sudan, home to the ancient urban settlement of Berenice Pancrisia.

  • The intact tomb of Kha and Merit, dating back to the 18th Dynasty, in which the architect Kha and his wife Merit were buried along with their grave goods. The tomb was discovered by the Italian Egyptologist Ernesto Schiaparelli..

  • The reliefs of Djoser, pharaoh of the 3rd Egyptian dynasty.

Hours, prices and other useful information about the Egyptian Museum in Turin.

Monday 09:00/14:00

Tuesday-Sunday 09:00 a.m.-6:30 p.m.

Phone: +39011 4406903

Full ticket : 18

Reduced ticket : 15 € (Over 70 / registered journalists)

Reduced student ticket : 3 € (15-18 years old and university students)

Reduced junior: 1 € (6-14 years old)

Reduced family ticket: 36 € (2 adults plus 2 minors)

Free ticket: for children up to 5 years old, the severely disabled and their companion, members of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), holders of the Abbonamento Musei Torino Piemonte or Torino+Piemonte Card, people on their birthday)

Where to buy tickets:

Tickets for the Egyptian museums in Turin can be purchased on site or on the sito ufficiale del museo Egizio di Torino

Other options for online purchase:

If you want to add a guide to your tour instead, I recommend Getyourguide.

Other useful information about the Egyptian Museum in Turin:


The Egyptian Museum provides specific routes and workshops to meet special needs. For more information and to arrange a special visit route, call +39 011 4406903 or send an email to


There are no architectural barriers within the Museum's halls: wheelchairs can access without any problems.

It is prohibited to bring in animals of any kind

Only animals used for pet therapy are allowed, upon presentation of medical certificate.

Blind and visually impaired

The Museum provides tactile tours accompanied by Egyptologists with specific experience.

For safety reasons, the only animals allowed in the Museum are companion dogs for people with disabilities.

For more information, call 011 4406903 or email

Family-friendly services

The Egyptian Museum is "family and kids friendly." Both family-friendly Egyptologist-accompanied tours and family-specific videoguide tours ("Family Tour") are available. The Museum is easily accessible for children. There are no architectural barriers inside the Museum's halls: strollers can access without any problems. In the museum there are.: Changing tables;Baby toilet (i.e., child height).

in addition, the ZeroSei Egyptian Space is ready to welcome younger visitors! This is place designed to introduce in the form of play and storytelling the most fascinating themes of ancient Egypt, an environment that offers children an experience of discovery and knowledge of the pharaonic civilization. Through a playful itinerary full of references and visual stimuli and under the guidance of specialized educators, the youngest children experience an activity preparatory or complementary to the visit. The Space is open on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, with dedicated hours (9:15 a.m., 10:45 a.m., 12:15 p.m., 3 p.m. and 4:15 p.m.). Activities last one hour, and children must be accompanied by an accompanying adult. The cost of the activity is €5.00 per child.

How to reach the Museo Egizio da Citmabel ed Autaebela.

FromCitmabel if it's a bale of a day you can easily take a 20-minute walk by going along via Garibaldi until you reach piazza Castello, from here take via Accademi delle Scienze To get to the Egyptian Museum.

If the day is rainy, you can opt for streetcar 13, taking it from the nearby fermata XVIII Dicembre and go down to the fermata di Piazza Castello few steps walk on via Accademi delle Scienze and you arrived.

From Autaebela, the best option is streetcar 13 from the fermata Capelli direction grand mother and go down to the fermata di Piazza Castello few steps walk on via Accademi delle Scienze And you have arrived.

If you prefer to travel by car, keep in mind, that the Museo Egizio is located in the restricted traffic zone (ZTL) active Monday through Friday, from 7:30 am to 10:30 am.

Underground parking:

The closest parking lot to the Egyptian Museum is the Roma - San Carlo - Castello parking lot, which has vehicular entrances from: piazza Castello (corner of via Viotti); piazza Carlo Felice; and via Lagrange. It is open 24/24. For rates and more information, click here.

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